Necklace with Levels of Awareness code colors of white, yellow, orange, red and black glass beads. The Awareness levels beads are 6mm in diameter and between each color level bead is a silver plated metal rondelle bead with brilliant Swarovski clear crystals and between each individual colored glass bead are Swarovski 4mm x 6mm clear crystal rondelle beads. The necklace pictured above is 20 in. long and the dangling crystal adorned gun charm is 30mm (1 1/4 in.) long and is attached to a silver plated metal bail with a sun yellow Swarovski crystal in the center. The necklace is strung on heavy duty professional beading wire and is secured with a silver plated metal and crystal adorned magnectic clasp. The necklace is available in 18 in. or 20 in. lengths, as provided in the drop down menu provided. 

Levels of Awareness necklace with Swarovski crystals and pistol

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  • The Levels of Awarness jewelry I create relate mostly to those individuals who own and/or carry firearms, i.e. when dealing with situational awareness, and most importantly, when dealing with situations involving the use of firearms, there are 5 levels of Awareness colors that relate to situational safety and they are:

    “The Five Conditions”.

    * Condition White: You are totally unaware of your surroundings and totally unprepared for even the prospect of danger.
    * Condition Yellow: You are relaxed but alert. You are not expecting trouble, but you are aware of your environment, so you would recognize a problem if it arose.
    * Condition Orange: You are aware that there seems to be a problem and your body is reacting (e.g.: Some one has picked you, or someone near you, out and you know it.)
    * Condition Red: The problem has occurred and you are facing one or more opponents you reasonably believe might do you harm. You should be taking cover and actively performing the appropriate defensive tactics. If already under attack, you are willing to neutralize the threat.
    * Condition Black: You are either in a blind state of panic where you are unable to react to the situation because you have developed neither the inner tools nor the outer skills with which to react. (e.g.: It happens, you had no raised awareness it was coming, are unprepared, unaware, untrained, and under their control and influence) or you are in the fight.