Sun catcher, garden, patio, or window decor made with gorgeous and stunning 35 percent lead crystal 50mm crystal ball, Swarovski and Czech crystals and glass beads. These sun catchers are stunning and capture the light like you would not believe and the pictures do not do the sun catchers justice. They are very heavy and it is suggested you hang them from a secure location and especially in a location that will catch the sun's rays so you will capture their brilliance. The sun catchers are strung on extra heavy-duty professional beading wire and are securely attached to a hook to be utilized to hang the sun catchers. A very beautiful sight for those mornings when you sit on the porch or patio and sip coffee or tea and view the sun catchers in awe of their beauty.

Sun catcher garden patio decor with gorgeous 50mm Asfour Crystal,

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  • The lead crystal ball sun catchers are very heavy, especially those that are more than 30mm in circumference and it is suggested you hang them from a very sturdy and secure location on your porch, in your garden, patio or near a window that gets a lot of sunshine to capture their brilliance and beauty.